Friday, July 18, 2014

Mini version of the G3 Smartphone Officially Introduced with name LG LG G3 and G3's Beat - Smartphone LG mini version of the G3 finally officially introduced to the public. The Smartphone comes with two names, namely the LG G3 Beat for Asia and the LG version G3's for the European market. Both the smartphones have the same specs and is intended for the middle segment.

Smartphone LG G3 Beat can be said to be a G3 with a smaller size with no advanced features in it. This mobile phone comes with a screen size of 5 inches HD resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. On the inside, there is the quad-core Snapdragon processor speed of 1.2 GHz and 400 equipped 1GB of RAM.

Other features, this phone has an 8MP primary camera is equipped Laser Auto Focus. Meanwhile, at the front there is a 1.3MP secondary camera as an extra. This mobile phone also has an internal memory capacity of 8GB and can be coupled with a microSD slot. 2.540mAh capacity battery, and can be removed.

According to the plan, G3 Beat LG smartphone will go on sale on July 18th. As a first step, this phone will be sold in South Korea with three color options, namely black, white and gold. There has been no announcement about the sale price of this phone.

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Malaysia Airlines MH plane 17 Fall: Passenger Identity Released

Malaysia Airlines MH17
Malaysia Airlines MH17 - Party Malaysia Airlines MH17 release conditions after various reports in the media who reported the crash, the following press release listed on page

Malaysia Airlines confirms it has received notification from Ukraine ATC that they had lost contact with the plane MH17 at 14:15 (GMT) on 30 km of Greed waypoint, approximately 50 km from the Russian-Ukrainian border.

MH17 flight operated on Boeing 777 departs Amsterdam at 12:15 (local time Amsterdam) and will arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 06:10 (Malaysian local time) the next day. The flight was carrying 280 passengers and 15 crew aboard.

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MH17 Shot Falling in Ukraine

Malaysia wreckage MH17
Malaysia wreckage MH17 - The number of airlines that decide to avoid the airspace of Ukraine increased following the shooting tragedy to fall MH17.

Taiwanese airline Eva Airways Corp., decided to make changes in order to avoid the cost of Ukrainian airspace in response to the fall of pesawan Malaysia Airlines in the region. As stated by the company, on Friday (18/07/2014).

"Our plane will avoid to enter the airspace of Ukraine and the plan will be effective immediately," the company representative said. "This is going to take place in an indefinite time," he said.

Parties Eva Air adding the move would affect their flight route 20.

Other airlines, China Airlines Ltd. said they rarely make the flight entered the territory of Ukraine and therefore they do not make changes to the flight.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Mobile Corrupt Practice Rihanna Signed $ 66.500 on eBay

BNEWS.US - Got a broken cell phone but no signature celebrity world? It is better if you auction off the phone. You could have such a windfall can be obtained by a President of the Committee of the Los Angeles Police USA, Steve Soboroff.

Soboroff also recently earned 66.5 thousand USD or the equivalent of 758 million dollars thanks to auctioning off an autographed broken smartphone Rihanna on the back. He's auctioning off the smartphone through the eBay site. The money was eventually he donated to the LAPD cadet program.

Then how Soboroff can get Rihanna's signature? This occurs when Soboroff accidentally turns sitting next to Rihanna while watching a basketball game between the Clippers against the Thunder. Soboroff was immediately recognize the figure of Rihanna and asked for a photo together.

Rihanna did not object to the request. Unfortunately, it turns out Rihanna inadvertently nudged the mobile phone and smartphone screen was finally broken. Fortunately the phone can still be used to take photos selfie. And after taking pictures together, Soboroff was again asked Rihanna to sign the mobile phone.

An easy way is not to get money? But there is another interesting story of this story. Rihanna was also helped by donating $ 25,000 to the LAPD cadet program. In addition, he also gave money of $ 91.500 to the LA police for having dropped the phone belonged to Soboroff.

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Samsung ready to Introduce Android Flip Smartphone with Quad Core Processor 2.3 GHz

BNEWS.US - Mobile with folding or flip design was much sought after by consumers. But this time, the design of the mobile phone as it is so popular and consumers are less likely to choose a full touchscreen smartphone with a large screen. But this does not mean that large manufacturers like Samsung did not launch the Android smartphone flip design.

They are also preparing Android smartphone with code name flip BC-G9098 which will be marketed in the Bamboo Curtain country. This smartphone was introduced to a high specification. These include smartphones using quad-core processor speed of 2.3 GHz, 2GB RAM, 13MP main camera, 2MP secondary camera, a microSD slot and a battery capacity of 1900 mAh.

Samsung Android Flip
Samsung Android Flip

Unfortunately, although seen as high end smartphones, this phone has a weakness on the side of the screen. This smartphone comes with two displays on the outside and inside. The second screen measuring 3.7 inches which has a low resolution, 480 x 800 pixels. As it is known, the resolution of most smartphones aimed at low-end segment.

The Samsung reportedly will launch this smartphone exclusively for China Mobile and there are no leaks of information regarding the price of this new product.

Editor: Erwin Agian

Loss of Malaysia Airlines Soon Filmed

BNEWS.US - Indian film director Rupesh Paul reveals that he is in the process of producing a film about Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 missing.

Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival, Paul preached to the site Hollywood Reporter that the film will be titled Vanishing Act that are guaranteed not to offend the families of victims.

The film is scheduled outstanding at the end of the year. Paul stressed he would not exploit the search is still ongoing.

"This controversy will give the effect, but we do not exploit this tragedy," he said.

Paul reveals, there are a lot of requests to film the case, particularly from Asian markets.

Boeing 777-200 Malaysia Airlines
Boeing 777-200 Malaysia Airlines

Rupesh Paul is in Cannes to promote his films, such as 3D Kamasutra and The Monologues Of A Sex Maniac. Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 which was on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing was lost while flying over the South China Sea, not far from Vietnam.

Searches conducted many countries for more than two months until now have not found a bright spot fate of the plane carrying 239 passengers.

Now, the search is focused on the base of the Indian Ocean is located to the west of the city of Perth, Australia.

Editor : Juandri Juntak